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Formerly Sweethart Arrangements

Consciously Handcrafted Desserts

Conscious Baking

             In addition to handcrafting treats in small batches. Here at Sweethart, we practice conscious baking. That means, choosing better ingredients and using alternative flours without sacrificing the taste. 

When selecting ingredients, preference is given to organic, genuine and premium brands where available. This includes using organic milk, eggs, nuts, maple syrup and dried fruits. For chocolates we use Belgian chocolate from brands like Callebaut or French brand Valrhona.


Furthermore, most of the baked goods are made with oats or almonds. In fact, we use Canadian grown certified organic whole grain gluten-free oats (that's a mouthful!) Supporting local and adding nutritional benefits to our desserts. As a mom of young boys, I'm always trying to secretly sneak in some healthy ingredients. 

 When gluten free flour blends are used, they are carefully selected to exclude ingredients like beans that leave funky after tastes or texture. The perfect balance with alternative flours can make them taste as good as traditional baking. You won't notice they are any different, except you'll feel better eating them. Our mission is for people without dietary restrictions to enjoy them too.

We do offer custom gift boxes or event orders, so if you don't see it on our website, reach out and we'll try our best to accommodate. We're always creating new seasonal flavors for those big hallmark occasions, so make sure to check back often. We even offer edible printing for your corporate events!

*Disclaimer- All baked goods are gluten-free. Most products contain dairy and are not vegan (unless specified). Although, nut-friendly options are available, there may be traces of nuts and other food allergens found.


Thank you for your interest in Sweethart Arrangements.

For delivery, customization or event inquires please contact us via social, email or through this form. We respond within 24 hours.

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Most of our orders are Custom! Don't hesitate to reach out and see what we can create for you.

Vancouver, British Columbia.

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