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As a self-taught Confectionery Artist and Home Baker, I am committed to handcrafting giftable creations with the

utmost quality and care.

With a passion to spread joy for any occasion, big or small, each piece is made with love. I believe every

milestone is worth celebrating and everyone deserves to feel special. 

Although, I started off specializing in chocolate dipped strawberries, hot chocolate bombs and smashables, I try to offer a range of products from basic to extravagant and from individual gifting to event catering. 


As a mom of two boys, with multiple food allergies including, wheat and nuts. It's difficult finding

local treats for the whole family to enjoy. The options available are limited and often disappointing. There was always something "different" about gluten-free desserts that the rest of us did not appreciate. And that's how my new seasonal dessert boxes were born.

I've embarked on the journey of conscious baking (more on that on the homepage) and a mission to create, secretly healthy gluten-free treats. Except they taste and look like its' traditional counterpart. It's also important for me to create nut-friendly options for each dessert (with the exception of a few). Each dessert box is offered in nut and nut-free versions.

Much of my work is custom, from edible images, personalized dessert tables to company events. Please don't hesitate to reach out and see what sweet creations can be made for you. 

Thank you for considering Sweethart Arrangements to be a part of your celebration.

Yours Truly,


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