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Our chocolate smashables are customizable with color, design and even personalized messages. We use high grade belgian chocolate, so the melting point is higher. They are fragile, handle with care! But it's worth is, they are smoother and less sweet than your typical chocolate. 


Smash it and then what's inside? they come with candy or our handcrafted treats. You can also add our basic dipped strawberries alongside for a complete set. Or provide us with your own little gifts! These make fantastic gifts or birthday cake alternatives.Contact us directly for any customizations.


*NEW - money smashable! Pull the take topper and get your $$$

Only available in diamond heart shape. 


Here are some popular options: 

1) Heart + candy = $70

2) Heart +candy + 8pc basic dipped strawberries = $110

3) Heart + seasonal assorted treats (For example: 3 basic dipped strawberries, 2 earl grey caramels, 2 chocolate cream cheese cake) = $100

4) Heart + candy + money cash = $80 + desired cash amount  *this is a custom order- contact directly


Premium flavors dipped strawberries (+$0.50/pc): Organic Matcha, Peanut and Salted Caramel

Toppings are also available for $0.50/pc: Edible rose, Strawberry Sesame Shortcake, Rolo Caramel, Nuts, Oreo, Toasted Coconut, Chocolate Curls


*All toppings used are gluten-free.

*Nut free options are available for toppings.

*Customizations and some designs may cost more. 

*Chocolate letter messages are $1/per letter.

Diamond Heart Chocolate Smashable

  • All dipped strawberries should be consumed within the first day for ideal freshness. It can be stored up to 2 days in the refridgerator. Best consumed at room temperature when the chocolate has softened. 

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