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Long Stem Fresh Roses boxed with our handcrafted treats. Opt for this customizable arrangement instead of your typical bouquet this Valentine's Day. 



1) 16 Fresh Roses + 20pc Basic Dipped Strawberries = $170

2) 16 Fresh Roses + 20pc Assorted Dipped Strawberries =$200

3) Dozen Roses + 2 Chocolate Cream Cheese Heart Cakes +8pc Basic Dipped Strawberries = $150


Basic dipped strawberrry chocolate flavors include: Belgian White, Milk and Dark.

Other flowers can be used in place of roses. Please contact us directly for any customization. 


*All toppings used in the assorted dipped strawberries option is gluten-free.

*Nut free options are available for toppings.


Long Stem Flower Box

  • All dipped strawberries should be consumed within the first day for ideal freshness. It can be stored up to 2 days in the refridgerator. Best consumed at room temperature when the chocolate has softened. 

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