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A variety dessert box for 2-3 people to indulge. It features an assortment of classic or seasonal treats, along with accompaniments. Most of our baked goods are made with Organic whole grain oat flour (Canadian sourced), or almond flour. But you won't be able to tell the difference from traditional baking. Enjoy the nutritional benefits without sacrificing the taste or texture.


Included items will vary, but generally may include any of these items (approx 8-12 pcs):

Almond or Coconut Crisps, Cookie Buttercream Sandwich, Macadamia Nut Shortbread Cookie, Butter Cookie, Mochi Stuffed Salted Toffee Cookie, Nanaimo Bar, Sweet Potato Brownie, Hawaiian Butter Mochi, Mini Cake, Toffee Bark and Artisan Chocolate Caramel.


You can add our signature dipped strawberries to any box.

Basic +$4/pc : Belgian White, Milk or Dark Chocolate.

Premium +$4.50/pc : Salted Carmel, Peanut and Organic Matcha. 

Speciality flavors and toppings are available, please contact us for order. 


Please include in the note section of any preferences (including gender neutral ribbon) and we'll try our best to accommodate. 


***Picture displayed is for reference only. Desserts included and packaging will vary. 


Small Classic Box

  • * Desserts should be consumed within 48 hours. While dipped strawberries should be gifted and enjoyed right away. Strawberries will sweat when left at room temperature too long and condensate in the refrigerator. 

    *Each box is made to order and may have slight variations in treats and packaging. 

    * All products are gluten-free. The facility is also wheat free but not nut-free. Although, nut-free ingredients are available, traces may still be found. 

    *Products are not Vegan, unless indicated.

  • *There may be items in this box that require reheating before serving.

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